Wraparound crate

W/A (Wraparound) reinforced Cardboard packaging 

Our Wraparound storage containers are intended for storage and multiuse transportation. These packaging containers incorporate wood and heavy cardboard with sidings to protect the transported goods from shaking and drops.

(Wraparound) W/A. In addition to this these crates are intended to offer special protection to the transported product. Constructed from a cardboard layer incorporated with wood reinforced sidings.

When the closing of the crate is accomplished with high quality and particularly durable buckles, it only stands to reason that the crate will have extra strong durability and resilience. Offers transportation and storage conditions suitable for a broad variety of uses, including field / perimeter equipment, millitary equipment, weapons, UAV packages, packages for auto parts, shipping contained for a sensitive computer, protection during shipping between warehouses.

Carboard shipping crates with handles integrated with wood have many advantages, including but not limited to:

  • High resilience of carboard given its low weight. The low weight of the crate, compared with the wooden equivalent, enables easy lifting, and reduces in aerial shipping costs.
  • The size of the package can be adjusted according to the contents and dimensions of the client’s possessions in order to achieve maximum usage of the shipping and transportation volume.
  • Opens up very easily and is suitable for repeated use.
  • A much  less expensive solution than  rigid packages.
  • Includes inner sidings / shock absorbing materials and customized filling materials.

For an integrated wood – cardboard package you may add customized features such as: Sponge sidings, various ironwork, buckles, clasps, reinforcement beams, tightening belts, assistance beams for loading, marking, printing, cloth handles as carry-crates, matching integral surface and more.