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Sustainability is one of the core principles guiding our actions, accompanying us throughout. We see the preservation of the Earth as a moral and ethical mandate, and feel a great responsibility to continuously be aware of our environmental footprint and to minimize it as much as possible. As sustainability becomes more challenging due to, among other things, a shortage of natural resources and climate change, the complexity of processes inevitably leads to dependencies and influences among various business and professional entities, creating a supply chain.
The concern for sustainability and its impact is expressed in many cycles of activity, with wide-ranging cumulative effects

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We invest significant resources in thought and development. We see ourselves as leaders of initiatives and are aware of the significant consequences of every stage in the process we are involved in. This is why we make maximum efforts and invest many resources in thinking, developing, and providing sustainable work methods

Organizational Culture

Awareness of sustainability is part of Teamnet’s organizational culture. We ensure that this topic is always part of the company’s DNA, and we make sure to adopt business methods in this spirit at every stage.

Inculcating Habits

Our organizational culture influences the conduct of our company team and also that of our clients. We make efforts to instill patterns of thought, increase awareness, and impact the course of actions and outcomes for a positive influence and the imparting of sustainability values.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Our social and environmental responsibility begins with choosing our suppliers and insisting on the raw materials we use, continues with sustainable work methods, and also touches on environmental initiatives and ongoing processes with broad impacts

These are the steps we take as part of our daily routine (partial list): 

Organizational awareness and thinking about sustainability are important parameters. However, their daily implementation and the translation of intent into actual actions are equally important. Therefore, we take many steps to minimize our ecological footprint.

Computerized Processes

All processes involving the filling out of forms, shipping documents, declarations, and other significant documents are done digitally. We invest in tablets, computing infrastructure, and applications, aiming to completely avoid the use of physical paperwork.

Careful Selection of Sustainable Raw Materials

We insist on working with sustainable raw materials.

Starting from recycled packaging materials to timber suppliers with proven sustainability certifications.

Careful Selection of Our Business Partners and Suppliers

We believe that only a complete, continuous chain of correct actions produces sustainable processes. Therefore, we meticulously choose our business partners and suppliers, with one of the important criteria being their commitment to sustainability as a core value in practice.

Hybrid Vehicle Fleet

As a leading company that has embraced the value of sustainability, we implement this at the practical level across all company departments. Therefore, the vast majority of our people travel in hybrid vehicles with the latest technologies as far as the latest technological developments allow.

Optimization and Streamlining of the Logistics Framework To minimize the environmental damage caused by transportation and shipping, we invest in smart software. Its role is to map in real-time the location of each vehicle used for transportation and to significantly streamline the transportation and shipping process.

This contributes both to environmental quality and to the economic and responsible conduct of the company.

Efficient and Economical Manufacturing Process

We insist on an intelligent and economical manufacturing process aimed at minimizing waste and maximizing recycling and the use of raw materials.

This process serves two purposes simultaneously: sustainability and responsible and profitable economic conduct.

Maximal Energy Utilization

As part of our comprehensive vision and our full commitment to sustainability, we generate solar energy using panels located on the roofs of the company building.

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our suppliers

The criteria for choosing our suppliers are part of our “credo” regarding sustainability. We choose them carefully, and it is important to us that the principle of sustainability guides them as it does us. Therefore, all our timber suppliers meet strict standards in a proven manner.

Our Clients and Business Partners

In the same way, our clients and business partners reflect on us. Companies with particularly high standards for choosing their business partners choose us as a partner, and we are proud to meet these requirements with honor. Among our clients, there are companies that insist on strict requirements regarding the selection of the companies they work with.
They expect their business partners to adhere to codes of social conduct, ethical requirements, and strict work procedures. We thank them for choosing us and will continue to do everything we can to advance the field of sustainability.

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