Security industries.
Smart design and manufacturing of the required packaging, transportation of them by land, sea, and air.
TEAMNET is a reliable and well-established company with international renown.

security industries

Systems, machines, weapons, and electronic components manufactured in the defense industries and requiring transportation pose a real challenge for manufacturers. These are often expensive items sensitive to shocks, drops, and temperature and humidity changes, so they require custom packaging. That’s where TeamNet comes in.
Throughout its 20 years of operation, TeamNet has developed expertise in the design, development, and production of unique and custom packaging used for transporting sensitive systems and assemblies.
The team of experts in TeamNet engineering and production departments will guide you in accurate identification, smart planning, and the production of the packaging you need, in various materials: from durable birch wood containers suitable for harsh outdoor conditions to lightweight and strong cardboard packages and reinforced aluminum containers. These are equipped with precise CNC-cut internal linings and padding according to military standards. In addition, TeamNet has extensive experience in producing packaging for hazardous and explosive materials: flammable, toxic, or corrosive substances that could cause damage to people, the environment, or property during transportation by land, sea, or air.
All packages designed and produced by TeamNet for the defense industries comply with the strictest international and Israeli standards. They undergo durability and drop tests to ensure the integrity of their contents under varying environmental conditions throughout the supply chain, all the way to their destination.



An innovative solution for plastic packaging in any size: