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Are you planning to relocate, or have you made a family decision to start a new chapter in your lives overseas? With Teamnet, you will get through the process easily, rapidly, and efficiently. We offer you 20 years of experience in relocation processes, international shipping, and customs representation for leading companies in the Israeli market, government entities and families. All that is left for you is to lay back and enjoy the thrilling experience, as you head off to your new life!

Teamnet will accompany you every step of the way -
to the edge of the world.

The Teamnet team will personally accompany you on every step of your journey, from packing the contents of your home, through international shipping of your personal affects, art and other sensitive items, to customs representation and transport to your new home, all on the track most suitable for you:

100% packed

A professional packing service for the contents of your home by a highly skilled team that respects your privacy and will provide special care for any art pieces or expensive equipment you might possess.

Pack & Go

A professional packing service for the contents of your home, offering comprehensive care for all stages of the overseas shipping, including loading all contents to the shipborne container.

Door to Door

Professional packing services for the contents of your home, with comprehensive care throughout the shipping processes to your new home.

VIP Relocation

A unique service for companies which includes consultation and accompaniment in finding an apartment, schools for your children, work visas, employment for your spouse, health insurance, vehicle purchase, and even filling your refrigerator with nourishing and comforting food…

20 years of experience in relocation, international shipping and customs clearance

Global agent deployment in 100 countries

Compliance with strict international standards

100 skilled and courteous employees nationwide

We are committed to sustainability with full digitization and recycled packaging materials

Professionalism first and foremost

Teamnet is a member of the FIDI Global Alliance – the largest relocation association in the world with representatives in 100 states and the leading international associations IAM and EURA.

These associations place an extremely high entry bar which necessitates proven professional experience in the field of international shipping in general and relocation in particular, meeting performance tests, financial resilience benchmarks, and the highest service standards. In addition, we meet stringent international standards, including ISO  9001:2015, European, American and Asian standards and all the required licenses and authorizations required in the field of international shipping and customs representation.

In-house professional team

In a field based on contractors and subcontractors, we in Teamnet realizs that we are dealing first and foremost with people, with the contents of homes and with personal items of great value, both financial and emotional.

That is why we have prepared for you over the years a team of professional and loyal experts that is committed to upholding the highest professional and service standards of the company. They know how to handle the life changing process you are undergoing with maximal sensitivity.

Multifield experience

Over our two decades of activity, with have accompanied relocation processes for workers and managers in complex projects in the field of international shipping and customs representation. Our clients include leading Israeli companies, international companies, government agencies, public organizations and embassies.

In parallel, we have acquired expertise in relocating factories and assembly lines in Israel and throughout the world; developed and manufactured unique packages for the security, high-tech and pharmaceutical industries, and also specialized in packing objets d’art.

Local and global deployment

As one of Israel’s leading logistics companies, you will find that we offer solutions to all of your storage needs. Starting from a 20,000 square meter logistical center used to store containers and shipments, through a motor fleet of trucks and commercial vehicles that is always available to a network of international agents. In fact, it does not matter in any way what your destination country is, for one of our representatives is waiting for you in every port. He will handle everything required to release your shipment and transport it to your new home.

8 stages on your path to a new life

The extensive experience we have acquired in Teamnet, our advanced logistical-technological systems, the efficient work processes and the skilled team accompanying you will help you minimize the uncertainty and the natural fears accompanying the relocation process and spare you unnecessary expenses and disappointments.


A personal get-to-know-you conversation and coordinating a date for shipping the contents and relocation.


In a meeting we will hold in your home, we will explain the process to you, carry out an assessment of the volume and weight of the contents to be shipped, pinpoint any needs for dedicated packages for objets d’art and other valuable items, make a record of the contents, and plan the access pathways for the movers.


We will set the shipping methods: sea, air or a combination of the two, and the method of shipping to your new home.


We will submit to you a price quote detailing all of your projected expenses and a price quote for comprehensive insurance coverage of the entire shipment.


We will carry out a family orientation to prepare you for packing day.


We will pack the contents of your home in a professional manner and will, as necessary, present to you dedicated self-manufactured packages.


We will pack your equipment in the container, prepare a list of contents and lock the container which will make its way to our logistical center or to the port. From this point onwards you will be able to track the container online on the Teamnet site, or else via online email updates from your personal case manager.


We will connect you with the Teamnet Company representative in the destination country who will ensure a high-quality, safe unloading, a rapid release of contents from customs, and its transportation all the way to your new home.

Answers we packed for you:

What are the customs laws in the destination state? 

Each country has its own laws and exemption on paying customs is possible in some upon presentation of a work visa. Teamnet’s relocation experts will provide you with all the information you require to make a smooth transition through customs in the destination state.


Can anything be packed away in the container?

Absolutely not. Some items and substances are considered hazardous for maritime shipping, or else their entry into the destination state is prohibited. For example: electronic scooters, dry food, alcohol and more. Beyond the grief in losing the equipment you packed, you may face fines and even discover the container is making its way back to Israel. however, don’t worry, we in Teamnet will guide you and prevent any mishap from occurring.


How do you pack the various items?

We in Teamnet have accumulated considerable experience in packing home, business and industrial items and equipment. Beyond standard packaging’s, we have a factory which manufactures dedicated packages to transport objets d’art or sensitive systems which require shock absorption or humidity control. In any event, the packages, some of which are made of wood or require wooden pallets, are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture as having undergone meticulous decontamination to prevent the invasion of insects and other pests to the destination country. Absent this certification, your containers would not secure entry permits to the destination country.


How long in advance should we coordinate the relocation date for?

If we are discussing the transfer of the contents of a home, it is recommended you coordinate at least a month in advance. Our team will arrive at your home to assess the contents of the shipment, examine the access routes to you home in Israel, and if this is a door-to-door shipment, we will also examine your access routes in your home in the destination state.


Can I pack items away on my own?

 You can, but do not close the packages, so that we can ensure you did not pack prohibited items, and that the packaging was performed soundly in accordance with the requirements of the insurance.


Do I need to reach customs or the port on my own?

 Absolutely not. A Teamnet representative in the destination country will handle all necessary processes for you and will ensure that the shipment is speedily released from customs for delivery to its new home.

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