Purchase of wood

TEAMNET – Purchasing Wood from Sustainable Suppliers
The issue of sustainability, preserving the Earth, and maintaining environmental quality are core principles that guide us in selecting our business partners. At TEAMNET, we carefully choose our suppliers. They must operate with proven adherence to these principles, as evidenced by certifications demonstrating compliance with the strictest standards.

Sustainability in Wood Supply
In the field of wood supply, we must be especially vigilant about sustainability, due to its sensitivity and the significant potential for either beneficial or long-term damaging effects.

Finland is known for its developed wood industry and strict, meticulous regulation that unequivocally requires the adoption of sustainable practices. Its forestry industry is an excellent example of a circular economy that allows for the full utilization of raw materials. Although it takes 2.2 cubic meters of wood to produce one cubic meter of sawn wood chips, byproducts (bark, chips, sawdust) as well as treetops and branches are utilized for various purposes until they are fully exploited. This fact is also supported by the numbers: in 2020, renewable energy accounted for 40% of Finland’s total energy consumption, with wood-based fuels accounting for about 28%.

How does it work?
Forests efficiently capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and this carbon dioxide remains in the wood product until the end of the product’s lifecycle. Therefore, even after the wood product has served its purpose, it can still be used to produce benefits such as generating alternative energy for the production of adhesives.

Illustrative data
Carbon constitutes about half the weight of dry wood, and one cubic meter of sawn wood can bind about one ton of carbon. Thus, an average pine wood house stores an amount of carbon equivalent to the carbon emissions from about ten years of average driving.

Meet our sustainable wood suppliers:
KEITELE GROUP The Finnish KEITELE GROUP operates zealously under sustainable development protocols, as this is one of its key values. Its guiding principles are driven by the preservation of environmentally friendly processes and the sources of the raw materials it uses.

At KEITELE GROUP, it is stated that beyond the ethical motive, this grants them and their customers worldwide a significant competitive advantage due to a clear trend of growing global consumer awareness of sustainability.

Documented support for compliance with the strictest standards
ISO 14001 Environmental Quality Certificate The ISO 14001 certificate indicates that environmental preservation is considered in all aspects along the production chain. In addition to the environmental aspects of the wood sources, KEITELE GROUP pays close attention to the careful use of raw materials and to minimizing energy consumption and emissions.

PEFC™ Chain of Custody Certification
The PEFC™ Chain of Custody certification confirms that the forests are managed in accordance with national legislation, forestry management recommendations, and principles of sustainable development.

KUHMO OY, based in Finland, has a proven reputation as a company that places sustainability at the forefront. This principle runs like a red thread through the various company departments, and concern for the environment is reflected in a variety of aspects and areas.

With great power comes great responsibility
The company uses more than 800,000 cubic meters of wood per year, making it the largest wood user in the Kainuu region. As such, it has a significant impact on the local wood industry and sources, and it must act responsibly. This is why the company adheres to principles of responsible procurement, taking great care of the physical, ecological, and social environment.

Purchasing from private owners is conducted at the transfer price only, or the company itself takes care of the tree harvesting.

Harvesting operations are carried out efficiently with respect for the forest environment. Contractors working for them use modern harvesting technologies and are experts in precise cutting.

On the social side, the entire logistics chain of the company consists of local harvesting and transportation companies.

Careful, planned, and precise harvesting prevents unnecessary damage to forest trees, minimizes waste, and optimizes the utilization of the harvested product.

The company works to preserve the biodiversity of the forests, to protect endangered species and rare natural habitats, and to protect soil productivity, water systems, and air quality. It ensures not to consume raw materials from protected areas or those under verification or protection processes.

KUHMO OY has a high awareness of environmental impacts and works to minimize potential damages to nature, in collaboration with active organizations.

In addition, it works to fully utilize by-products. A significant part of them is used for the production of combined heat and power.

The company operates according to international agreements and national laws and regulations, considering the interests and circumstances of the local residents.

100% of the thermal energy used for the company’s production comes from renewable sources, and more than 70% of the electricity it uses is renewable energy.

MUSTOLA OY, a Finnish company, produces sawn wood from trees purchased in areas close to it. As a company committed to sustainability and sustainable development, it operates responsibly and is adorned with official certificates supporting this.

Its production equipment uses the latest technology and ensures a final product of especially high quality and precision. Beyond contributing to a visually beautiful and uniform-quality final product, this prevents unnecessary waste, thus ensuring the maximal utilization of raw materials.

As the certificates testify, MUSTOLA OY’s sawn wood comes from responsibly managed forests.

The principle of sustainability is a fundamental principle at the Swedish company SCA, guiding its decision-making chain and the nature of its actions. The company is committed to sustainable development of its business, taking into account environmental, economic, and social aspects. The company operates with full transparency and in cooperation with stakeholders in the field of sustainability, continuously developing and refining its protocols on the subject and setting its priorities accordingly.

Benefit to the environment through an ethical process chain
Carbon Dioxide Storage – SCA is a leading actor in the fight against climate change. As the owner of the largest private forest in Europe, with 2.7 million acres of forest, its contribution to storing large amounts of carbon dioxide is immense. In 2022, SCA contributed a climatic benefit of 10.1 million tons of CO₂, significantly aiding global efforts to combat climate change.

Active Social Impact – SCA’s products, including packaging paper, pulp, solid wood products, biofuel, and wind power, are all good examples of how SCA actively and significantly contributes to the necessary transition to a fossil-free and sustainable society.

Wind Power – The company is also active in the wind power sector. For historical reasons, SCA owns forest land on high ground among the river valleys of Norrland, providing excellent wind conditions. Renewable electricity is a significant resource, reflecting the company’s diversity and its comprehensive view of using resources aimed at contributing to a sustainable future.

Preserving Forest Values – The company cultivates and manages the forest so as to ensure a gradual increase in its contribution to a sustainable future. Additionally, it cultivates all other forest values, including its biodiversity, the natural experiences the forest offers, and its basis for other businesses.

Economic and Social Contribution – The company creates thousands of jobs in northern Sweden, thus making a tangible contribution to a positive trade balance.

The company that promises and delivers: In this spirit, the company requires all its suppliers and subcontractors to operate with the same transparency, adhering to the same guiding principles.

The company is committed, among other things, to the following clauses: To actively strive for continuous improvement of health and safety at work and to have a vision of zero work accidents. To develop together with the communities in which the company is active. To be an employer that advocates diversity and allows its employees to achieve and realize their full potential. The company will conduct its business where its impact on people, the environment, and assets will be minimal. It will always operate in a manner that, at the very least, meets the regulatory requirements applicable to that area. SCA aims to increase the efficiency of resources both in its operations and through its products and services. The company diligently performs ongoing assessments of the environmental impact of its products at various stages of their lifecycle, and shares this process with its customers and suppliers.

The company is committed to promoting the use of appropriate and recognized environmental management standards. The company continuously monitors its goals and continues to challenge them, aiming to reduce its environmental and ecological impact. The company operates with a long-term outlook, examining its actions with a future vision, where profitability of the group is a prerequisite. The company insists on continuous improvements and on developing its employees’ skills to achieve its goals and sustain its long-term strategy