Wraparound crate

W/A (Wraparound) reinforced Cardboard packaging 

Our Wraparound storage containers are intended for storage and multiuse transportation. These packaging containers incorporate wood and heavy cardboard with sidings to protect the transported goods from shaking and drops.

(Wraparound) W/A. In addition to this these crates are intended to offer special protection to the transported product. Constructed from a cardboard layer incorporated with wood reinforced sidings.

When the closing of the crate is accomplished with high quality and particularly durable buckles, it only stands to reason that the crate will have extra strong durability and resilience. Offers transportation and storage conditions suitable for a broad variety of uses, including field / perimeter equipment, millitary equipment, weapons, UAV packages, packages for auto parts, shipping contained for a sensitive computer, protection during shipping between warehouses.

Carboard shipping crates with handles integrated with wood have many advantages, including but not limited to:

  • High resilience of carboard given its low weight. The low weight of the crate, compared with the wooden equivalent, enables easy lifting, and reduces in aerial shipping costs.  
  • The size of the package can be adjusted according to the contents and dimensions of the client’s possessions in order to achieve maximum usage of the shipping and transportation volume.
  • Opens up very easily and is suitable for repeated use. 
  • A much  less expensive solution than  rigid packages.
  • Includes inner sidings / shock absorbing materials and customized filling materials.

For an integrated wood – cardboard package you may add customized features such as: Sponge sidings, various ironwork, buckles, clasps, reinforcement beams, tightening belts, assistance beams for loading, marking, printing, cloth handles as carry-crates, matching integral surface and more.

Aluminum crate 

High-quality aluminum crates manufactured in a modern Teamnet factory provide a precise and safe storage and transportation solution for sensitive equipment. The crate is designed to well protect sensitive  equipment. The sides of the crate include necklaces plated with strong aluminum sheet metal, ribs and aluminum metal corners. The crate is wrapped around with chipped sponge on the interior of the crate. Aluminum Teamnet crates are resistant to blows and shaking and well protect the packed item.   

Suitcases and pitting

Teamnet is a representative of several international companies which specialize in the manufacture plastic suitcases customized for client.

The suitcases are manufactured according to stringent international standards enabling shipping and storage of highly sensitive substances in varying environmental conditions.

Form cutting

The company specializes in several form manufacturing methods:

Chipping – computerized process via an advanced chipping machine

Crystallization – used in template adapted presses.

Sawing – use of advanced sawing technologies and tools

Container straps

Excellent solutions for maximal security : load security products

The safety of people, animals and cargos is out top priority throughout the shipping process.

We provide a broad variety of straps to secure and tie down cargos.

Straps to secure cargoes in containers.

These are single-use binding straps made of woven polyester threads. They are used primarily for exports packaging or container loading.

Unlike woven strips, polyester threads are woven more tightly together and have two layers. The high tensile strength is printed here on the strap. All straps are approved by Germanischer Lloyd for reasons of transportation safety. The lashes strap is resistant to heat of up to 200 degrees Celsius.  

The width of the strap ranges from 32 mm to 50 mm. We also market the connection buckles.

Includes high quality stretching devices.

For the products to meet the manufacturer data it is obligatory to use an original set and approved and original products.

Use of lashing products –

Required certification – container course.

Hazardous materials packages

Manufacture of hazardous materials packages

Hazardous materials are substances that can inflict severe harm on individuals, the environment or property. They can be toxic, inflammatory, corrosive, or hazardous in other ways. 

Hazardous materials packages must be meet high-level resistance standards in order to protect the materials from the environment and protect the environment from the materials. They must also be sufficiently resistant to withstand the storage conditions, such as shaking, falling and so on.

We specialize in the production of hazardous materials packages manufacture, in accordance with international and Israeli standards. We work with a professional crew of engineers that designs the packages in accordance with the specific needs of each and every client. 

The manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of hazardous materials packages includes the following stages:

  • Planning: during this stage, we work with the customer to understand the specific needs of the product. We examine the properties of the material, the shipping conditions, the storage and more.
    • Manufacturing: during this stage, we manufacture the packages from durable materials such as wood, steel or aluminum.
  • Inspections: following production, we perform laboratory assays to ensure the packages meet the safety requirements.
  • Confirmation: following inspection, we receive confirmation from the Standards Institute and additional governmental agencies.

We work with a wide variety of customers, including chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing companies and more. We are obligated to provide packaging manufacturing services for hazardous materials at the highest possible level, which are appropriate for the specific needs of the customer.

Plastic crates

Eco line products – ecologically-friendly and recyclable plastic packages. The packages can be folded once they are empty and thereby reduce shipping and storage costs. The packages are resistant to moisture and to the sun.

The use of the eco line products offers many social benefits. Forest preservation, reduction of environmental pollution, reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and the security of employees in the supply chain.

Commercial packages services

Teamnet specializes in full service, including consultation, packing and unloading of cargoes for customers in Israel and abroad.

The company manufactures packing solutions with diverse materials suitable for the needs of the cargo: wood, cardboard, aluminum, plastic and various combinations thereof. Following the design and manufacture of the package, the packing crews provide packing services in the customer site. The service at the site includes shipping the cargo to the packing area, lifting, placing containers, and transporting industrial equipment machines in Israel and abroad. 

When necessary, door to door service is provided.

Teamnet’s packing services are professional and possess a great deal of experience. The reputation accumulated over the years in Teamnet enabled the company to develop and manufacture unique work methods. Teamnet emphasizes safety and reliability, and service quality observance.

Teamnet employs skilled work crews that a deployed nationally, enabling a rapid response time to every part of the country.

Teamnet is a member of a network of leading organizations around the world. Association with a global network of leading agents enables Teamnet to supply uncompromising high-quality service.


Container loading

Teamnet provides container loading services including container loading design according to the size, type and weight of the cargo, and international cargo shipping ordinances.

Container loading includes selecting the proper container to ship the cargo in, optimization of the cargo within the container, and distributing the cargo in the container while maintaining its center of gravity.

The lashing and anchoring equipment is adapted according to the cargo weight and its dimensions and has met stringent international standards.

Teamnet’s many years of experience in the field has led to it being able to issue a lashing certificate for the container on behalf of the shipping company.

Teamnet container loading teams of work according to the security protocols and undergo safety and refreshment instruction in an ongoing manner.

Machine shipping

Teamnet employs shipping teams with experience of many years in the field of shipping machines and equipment in a wide variety of dimensions and weights. Teamnet specializes in servicing the leading sectors in Israel: security industries, high-tech industries, medical equipment industries and traditional industries.

The shipping of the machines from the manufacturing area requires expertise and dedicated equipment. Teamnet invests in varied shipping equipment such as  -tanks, robots and hovercraft. Over the years, Teamnet has developed dedicated equipment – jigs that are adapted to the various machines. This sophisticated equipment enables safe and rapid shipping of the machines between the manufacturing areas and factories.

Teamnet has extensive experience in shipping and packaging work in clean rooms.

Teamnet’s shipping teams work in accordance with safety regulations and undergo safety courses and refresher courses regularly.

Factory relocation

Teamnet possesses a dedicated department specializing in the relocation of factories and assembly lines from the design stage to placing the factory in the manufacturing site, be it in Israel or abroad. The relocation of a factory constitutes an operational challenge which necessitates expertise and skill in several fields : design, project management and manner of execution. Teamnet offers, under a single roof, all solutions: project managers, engineering, technical teams, recording, transportation, lifting, land shipping and relocation of the machines. The project manager on Teamnet is the go-to address of the client at every stage of factory relocation.

Precise design of the transfer is a very important component of the process. Teamnet’s project manager collect the critical data from the customer: the required order of actions, the timetables to which the client is obligated, (schematics) and location of the machines at the destination (location). The Teamnet factory relocation department is renowned for delving into details at every stage and its close work with the client, thereby contributing to a successful transfer of the factory.

Teamnet provides a full turnkey project relocation service, which includes, in addition to the transportation of machinery from the manufacturing areas also computer rooms, clean rooms, server farms and office buildings.

Safety is above any other consideration in the relocation process,  and the project managers perform a regular risk assessment and safety instructions in the work sites. 

Teamnet has extensive experience working in the security sector, High-tech, medicine and traditional industry.

Cargo protection wraps

During international shipping, cargo may be vulnerable to weather and environmental conditions, temperature differences and moisture. The current solution is to wrap the cargo in special sheets which protect it during shipping by sea, land and air.

Teamnet specializes in the wrapping of cargoes of any size for any shipping process. The wrapping process is performed by packaging teams skilled in three main wrapping techniques:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Heat-Shrink nylon
  • Intercept technology heat-shrink nylon

Hazardous materials

Handling hazardous materials is a complex and dangerous procedure requiring skill, knowledge and professionalism.

Many strict limitations apply to this field and many standards must be met.

We supply consultation and guidance services in the topic of packaging, container loading and container shipping in Israel and abroad, consultation on the various types of required packages for the transportation of hazardous cargos by air and sea.

Service includes:

  • Door to door service.
  • Supply of hazardous material packages
  • Filling in hazardous cargo statement forms for international shipping according to shipping and air cargo regulations.
  • Examining the cargo markings according to the hazardous cargo code requirements.
  • Inspecting possible cargo damage prior to container load and their prevention.
  • Presence during dangerous/ general cargo container loading.
  • Inspecting container cleanliness.
  • Inspection and signage of containers.
  • Confirmation of container loading of the cargo according to the codex and MARPOL convention requirements.
  • In aerial shipping, meeting the IATA requirements. 

Out of gauge cargo shipping

Shipping of cargo exceeding the dimensions or weight covered by local, international and shipping destination ordinances requires special attention.

Teamnet possesses a dedicated array specializing in the transportation of out of gauge cargos which provides the following services:

Performance of a preliminary survey of the cargo and the route – height and tolerance of bridges, width of roads, tunnel limitation.

Coordination versus the enforcement agencies to transport the cargo in the country of origin and destination country.

Confirmation for independent escort or police escort in accordance with legal requirements.

Adaptation of lifting and transportation equipment for cargo in the country of origin and the destination country.

Performance of international shipping for the out of gauge cargo by sea, land and air


International shipping

When it comes to professional and reliable international shipping to any point on earth, you have an address: Teamnet.

With over 20 years of experience in international transportation and shipping for commercial cargos, advanced data systems, membership in the IAM and EURA professional unions and the Alliance union, which enables you to enjoy representation and personal accompaniment in 100 states, Teamnet enfolds you and your shipping with international quality service which meets and exceeds the most stringent quality and safety standards in the world.

In any mission, from shipping of heavy or sensitive equipment, assembly lines and laboratories, through dangerous materials to valuable art pieces, Teamnet will accompany your shipment from door to door, till the shipment arrives at its destination securely:

  • Planning the shipping and transportation process
  • Optimization for the land and international route by sea or by air
  • Minimization of the storage volume and ordering dedicated containers.
  • Coordination of the entry to the destination port
  • Handling the customs and release forms via Teamnet agents in the destination port
  • As needed, transportation of the shipment by land to the site selected by the customer. 

Eco – multiple use packages

Eco line products –ecologically friendly, multiuse, plastic packages. The packages can be folded up when they are empty, thereby reducing the costs of storage and transportation. The packages are resistant to both sun and moisture. 

Use of the eco line products offers many social benefits. Forest preservation, reduction of environmental pollution, reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and the security of employees in the supply chain.