Paperless project

The world is going paperless. We’re already there Sustainability – a single word that encompasses a whole world of possibilities and directions. A major overarching field containing countless subfields, it harbors many diverse processes. Its dimensions are expanding as technology evolves and out-of-the-box thinking enables humanity to create efficient and cost-effective solutions for processes that have been cumbersome and wasteful until now. One of the prominent trends in the world, which also affects many areas, is the “paperless” trend, which means, beyond a paperless world, many processes that were previously done on paper are now done through processes that do not consume physical raw materials such as paper.

Paper, known to be produced from trees, is a limited resource whose production harms nature. In the era of sustainability, humanity is investing significant intellectual and technological efforts to minimize its use as much as possible. This trend aligns excellently with technological and digital development, but the transition to digital means involves changing ingrained habits, adapting equipment and computing to new procedures, and also extensive regulatory and structural changes. Transitioning processes to the “paperless” method involves a new, groundbreaking way of thinking and a fresh formulation of them. The changes affect many areas of treatment and require providing solutions in various fields, beyond the immediate technological means in which the process is carried out. Solutions must be provided on issues such as accessibility, safety, data security, updating all systems related to the process, data storage after the fact, regulation, and more.

Paperless at Teamnet As an innovative company with a vision that places sustainability at the core of its guiding values, Teamnet maximizes the transition to paperless processes and works according to the strictest standards in the field. Computing and Applications All processes that can be digitized are done digitally.

We invest many resources in this and implement it both in company systems and in ongoing work procedures. This is done through the use of tablets and the development and implementation of various dedicated applications. “Relocation Paperless” Processes All paperwork and documents involved in the “relocation” process that were previously done on physical paper have moved to an efficient, fast, environmentally and user-friendly digital process.

This refers to both the preliminary processes and the formal processes carried out during the move itself, involving mandatory documents with high financial and ethical implications. It is important to note that the entire process is secure, backed, and meets the strictest international standards. As a company accredited by FIDI, a global organization of moving and international relocation companies, we are committed to the highest international standards and meet all the criteria required by the organization.

The organization’s website:  https://www.fidi.or