Packaging solutions for industry with Teamnet

Teamnet specializes in providing packaging solutions for transporting cargo by sea, air, and land. We believe that proper packaging planning can save a lot of unnecessary headaches. The packaging design in our manufacturing plant is done by the most professional people in the field: engineers, quality controllers, production workers, customer service representatives, and more. Together, we will implement the experience we have gained to provide your product with the best protection and the most cost-effective packaging, ensuring its safe arrival at its destination.

Customized packaging planning for every cargo load.

When it comes to transporting complex cargoes in containers, we are here to find the most cost-effective way to package your load. With carefully planned packaging, you’ll be able to organize the container more efficiently in the future.

But whether it’s a machine weighing several tons or a tiny electronic component, smart packaging tailored to each load is something not to be underestimated. Our engineering department examines every load and product thoroughly, assessing its sensitivities, measuring and weighing it, and designing the most suitable packaging according to the customer’s requirements.

Production of the packaging and selection of materials according to the nature of the shipment (sea, air, land).

When our mechanical engineers receive the order to manufacture packaging, they translate the design into a durable and stable product in the field. How do they do it? First, they ensure that we have all the necessary materials and components, and if necessary, they will order external procurement.

Selecting the materials is a complex and critical matter. Shipping conditions by sea or air—such as temperature and humidity—can sometimes affect the cargo in undesirable ways and cause damage. To ensure quality and durable packaging that protects the cargo from external factors, our engineers will choose packaging materials considering the expected road conditions. We are always refining our toolbox and constantly developing different packaging solutions and searching for new materials for use in production.

Additional road conditions we consider are the shocks that the cargo may experience during transportation. Therefore, if necessary, we simulate the cargo transfer in a computerized lab or on-site, subjecting it to adverse conditions such as vibrations, braking, and the like. Testing and simulating road conditions help us ensure that the packaging provides maximum protection for the cargo.

Employees in various departments in our manufacturing plant work collaboratively and meticulously, paying attention to every detail, so that at the end of the manufacturing process, they merge the joint work into the final packaging product. The duration of packaging production is not fixed; it varies according to the product. When ordering packaging production at Timnet, we ensure that our customers are informed about the production lead time. Additionally, throughout the manufacturing process, we emphasize quality control, ensuring that the packaging product we deliver to our customers meets all quality standards.

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