Museums, galleries, art institutions, theaters, exhibitions, and more
Customized packaging design and manufacturing, packaging, and transportation to any destination worldwide.
Decades of experience and expertise, certified and skilled management team, comprehensive packaging solutions, work in accordance with international standards

Packaging of art pieces and exhibitions

Timnet accompanies your valuable artworks, from paintings and sculptures to art collections and entire exhibitions, ensuring they reach their destination without any harm.

For years, Timnet has been assisting artists, galleries, and museums in packaging and transporting their artworks to destinations worldwide. Timnet’s team of art packaging specialists conducts a preliminary site tour, takes measurements and photographs to assist the engineering and production departments in customizing packaging and supports for each artwork. The result: bespoke packaging tailored to each piece of art, preventing damages that may occur during transportation due to shocks or extreme environmental conditions.

The transportation of artworks is carried out by Timnet with expertise and sensitivity, ensuring strict control over temperature and humidity levels in each package, utilizing inclination and shock sensors, and, if necessary, providing security escorts until arrival at the destination.