Commercial companies, pharmaceutical companies, high-tech companies, large factories, heavy industries, and security industries
Customized packaging design and manufacturing, packaging, and transportation to any destination worldwide.
Decades of experience and expertise, certified and skilled management team, comprehensive packaging solutions, work in accordance with international standards.

On-site packaging services

Timnet brings on-site packaging capabilities to your site, acquired over 20 years of operation among companies and factories from all sectors: from packaging consumer products in commercial companies, through packaging sensitive products in clean rooms in pharmaceutical and high-tech companies, to packaging machinery and products in heavy and security industries.

Timnet’s organic and service-oriented packaging team responds quickly to any task from Dan to Eilat, or stands at your site according to weekly forecasts and implements unique working methods, ensuring the integrity of the contents while adhering meticulously to timelines. In cases requiring unique and customized packaging, for sensitive or hazardous materials, Timnet will design and manufacture for you multi-use packaging made of wood, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard.

Following the professional and meticulous packaging process, Timnet will transport the contents to one of its logistical centers or to any destination in the country, using commercial vehicles and trucks. Shipments destined for abroad will be accompanied by Timnet’s experienced international shipping team.