Customers in need of factory replication, complete manufacturing line replication, heavy-duty machine packaging, bulk packaging of small components, and more.
Customized design and manufacturing of packaging tailored to each task.
Compliance with the strictest regulations and use of a variety of high-quality and durable materials.

manufacturing industries

TeamNet supports its clients across various industrial sectors with a wide range of advanced packaging solutions for transportation needs.
Whether it’s relocating a factory or an entire production line, packing heavy machinery, or packaging small components in bulk, TeamNet will design and produce custom packaging tailored to each task.
The packaging produced by TeamNet for manufacturing plants meets the strictest standards and is made from a variety of materials: from durable wooden crates and rigid cardboard packages to reinforced aluminum packaging. These packages are equipped with precision-milled internal linings and padding to ensure the integrity of their contents throughout the entire supply chain.