Manufacturers of machinery and exporters from the security, high-tech, medical, and general industrial sectors seeking to transfer equipment reliably and securely, in accordance with international standards.
Consultation, planning, packaging design, packaging manufacturing, packaging teams, and on-site relocation for the purpose of extraction and insertion of machinery into the factory, machine assembly, wrapping, lifting, crating, and cargo shipment.
Timnet is a reliable and well-established company with international renown.

Machine shipping

Teamnet employs shipping teams with experience of many years in the field of shipping machines and equipment in a wide variety of dimensions and weights. Teamnet specializes in servicing the leading sectors in Israel: security industries, high-tech industries, medical equipment industries and traditional industries.

The shipping of the machines from the manufacturing area requires expertise and dedicated equipment. Teamnet invests in varied shipping equipment such as  -tanks, robots and hovercraft. Over the years, Teamnet has developed dedicated equipment – jigs that are adapted to the various machines. This sophisticated equipment enables safe and rapid shipping of the machines between the manufacturing areas and factories.

Teamnet has extensive experience in shipping and packaging work in clean rooms.

Teamnet’s shipping teams work in accordance with safety regulations and undergo safety courses and refresher courses regularly.