Heavy industries, security industries, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, and more.
Planning, optimization of land and international routes, maximal reduction of storage volume, coordination of port entry, customs bureaucracy handling, land, air, and sea transportation.
International shipping adhering to the world’s strictest quality and safety standards.

International shipping

When it comes to professional and reliable international shipping to any point on earth, you have an address: Teamnet.

With over 20 years of experience in international transportation and shipping for commercial cargos, advanced data systems, membership in the IAM and EURA professional unions and the Alliance union, which enables you to enjoy representation and personal accompaniment in 100 states, Teamnet enfolds you and your shipping with international quality service which meets and exceeds the most stringent quality and safety standards in the world.

In any mission, from shipping of heavy or sensitive equipment, assembly lines and laboratories, through dangerous materials to valuable art pieces, Teamnet will accompany your shipment from door to door, till the shipment arrives at its destination securely:

  • Planning the shipping and transportation process
  • Optimization for the land and international route by sea or by air
  • Minimization of the storage volume and ordering dedicated containers.
  • Coordination of the entry to the destination port
  • Handling the customs and release forms via Teamnet agents in the destination port
  • As needed, transportation of the shipment by land to the site selected by the customer.