Hazardous materials packages

Manufacture of hazardous materials packages

Hazardous materials are substances that can inflict severe harm on individuals, the environment or property. They can be toxic, inflammatory, corrosive, or hazardous in other ways.

Hazardous materials packages must be meet high-level resistance standards in order to protect the materials from the environment and protect the environment from the materials. They must also be sufficiently resistant to withstand the storage conditions, such as shaking, falling and so on.

We specialize in the production of hazardous materials packages manufacture, in accordance with international and Israeli standards. We work with a professional crew of engineers that designs the packages in accordance with the specific needs of each and every client.

The manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of hazardous materials packages includes the following stages:

  • Planning: during this stage, we work with the customer to understand the specific needs of the product. We examine the properties of the material, the shipping conditions, the storage and more.
    • Manufacturing: during this stage, we manufacture the packages from durable materials such as wood, steel or aluminum.
  • Inspections: following production, we perform laboratory assays to ensure the packages meet the safety requirements.
  • Confirmation: following inspection, we receive confirmation from the Standards Institute and additional governmental agencies.

We work with a wide variety of customers, including chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing companies and more. We are obligated to provide packaging manufacturing services for hazardous materials at the highest possible level, which are appropriate for the specific needs of the customer.