Factories seeking to replicate/replace machinery/production lines/laboratories to a new site in Israel or abroad.
Consultation, planning, packaging, crating, shipping, unpacking, and installation of machinery at the destination site.
Decades of experience and expertise, certified and skilled management team, comprehensive in-house solutions, work in accordance with international standards.

Factory relocation

Teamnet possesses a dedicated department specializing in the relocation of factories and assembly lines from the design stage to placing the factory in the manufacturing site, be it in Israel or abroad. The relocation of a factory constitutes an operational challenge which necessitates expertise and skill in several fields : design, project management and manner of execution. Teamnet offers, under a single roof, all solutions: project managers, engineering, technical teams, recording, transportation, lifting, land shipping and relocation of the machines. The project manager on Teamnet is the go-to address of the client at every stage of factory relocation.

Precise design of the transfer is a very important component of the process. Teamnet’s project manager collect the critical data from the customer: the required order of actions, the timetables to which the client is obligated, (schematics) and location of the machines at the destination (location). The Teamnet factory relocation department is renowned for delving into details at every stage and its close work with the client, thereby contributing to a successful transfer of the factory.

Teamnet provides a full turnkey project relocation service, which includes, in addition to the transportation of machinery from the manufacturing areas also computer rooms, clean rooms, server farms and office buildings.

Safety is above any other consideration in the relocation process,  and the project managers perform a regular risk assessment and safety instructions in the work sites.

Teamnet has extensive experience working in the security sector, High-tech, medicine and traditional industry.