Container straps

Excellent solutions for maximal security : load security products

The safety of people, animals and cargos is out top priority throughout the shipping process.

We provide a broad variety of straps to secure and tie down cargos.

Straps to secure cargoes in containers.

These are single-use binding straps made of woven polyester threads. They are used primarily for exports packaging or container loading.

Unlike woven strips, polyester threads are woven more tightly together and have two layers. The high tensile strength is printed here on the strap. All straps are approved by Germanischer Lloyd for reasons of transportation safety. The lashes strap is resistant to heat of up to 200 degrees Celsius.

The width of the strap ranges from 32 mm to 50 mm. We also market the connection buckles.

Includes high quality stretching devices.

For the products to meet the manufacturer data it is obligatory to use an original set and approved and original products.

Use of lashing products –

Required certification – container course.