Storage services

Timnet Ltd. offers storage services for both short and long term needs. We have secure and protected storage facilities spanning 5000 square meters, capable of

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Commercial packaging services

Timnet specializes in comprehensive services including consultation, packaging, and unpacking of cargoes for clients both domestically and internationally. The company manufactures packaging solutions in various

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Purchase of wood

TEAMNET – Purchasing Wood from Sustainable Suppliers The issue of sustainability, preserving the Earth, and maintaining environmental quality are core principles that guide us in

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Paperless project

The world is going paperless. We’re already there Sustainability – a single word that encompasses a whole world of possibilities and directions. A major overarching

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manufacturing industries

TeamNet supports its clients across various industrial sectors with a wide range of advanced packaging solutions for transportation needs. Whether it’s relocating a factory or

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security industries

Systems, machines, weapons, and electronic components manufactured in the defense industries and requiring transportation pose a real challenge for manufacturers. These are often expensive items

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