About Us

Teamnet, one of the leading companies in Israel in the field of logistics, packaging and shipping, has become over the 20 years of its activity a center of knowledge in the field. The company employs a large team of highly skilled employees, and offers you a wide variety of supply chain services and solutions under one roof:

Company departments:

Engineering and Design Department

An engineering team with expertise in the development, design and manufacture of unique, personally adapted packages.

Manufacturing department

The manufacture of packages for multiple use out of wood, plastic, metal, carton and various hazardous materials packages.

Chipping department

Advanced CNC chipping utilizing defensive sponges and wood products used to manufacture dedicated packages.

Logistics, Packaging and Container Loading Department

A highly experienced operational team authorized to secure cargos, deliver container loading and transportation services to the customer sites.

Factory Relocation Department

A department which has accumulated considerable expertise in Turnkey projects to transfer factories, assembly lines, machines, laboratories, clean rooms, server farms and art objets d'art to any point in Israel or in the world.

Office Relocation Department

Holistic care for office relocation, from the planning and packing stage, to the transportation and unloading in the destination site.

Relocation Department

Expertise in international shipping, relocation for employees and individuals and commercial relocation.

Company representation

Representation of leading international companies in the field of smart pallets, packaging of hazardous materials, and tying and docking equipment.

The people behind the success

In the Teamnet team you will find managers and employees with decades of experience in the field and engineers with experience and expertise in designing packaging solutions for expensive and sensitive industrial equipment. Teamnet personnel participate in professional training and certification and are assisted by an advances computer system to analyze internal control metrics and target parameters – all this in order to ensure a high level of service and professionalism free of competition.

Local and international logistical strength

In Teamnet you will find a holistic solution for all of your packaging and shipping needs via a logistical center sprawling over an area of 20,000 square meters that is used to store containers and their contents, through a fleet of trucks and commercial vehicles that is always available, to an international network of agents that provides you with personal accompaniment at every point on the globe.

Standards and certifications

Teamnet meets the ISO 9001:2008 standard, one of the most stringent quality and safety standards in the field of packages design and manufacture, and international shipping and customs representation and the ISPM15 and ISO 9001 standards to constructs wooden packages for export.

In addition the company holds certifications of the IAI, Alta and Refael, and is a member of the FIDI Global Alliance – the largest relocation association in the world, with representations in 100 countries. It is also a member of the leading international unions IAM and EURA – a membership which requires proven professional experience in the field of international shipping, meeting performance inspections, financial resilience and the highest standards of service.

Our clients

Teamnet provides packaging and shipping services for a variety of local and global clients including:
security entities, Pharma companies, high-tech industry, government institutes and private customers.